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The coast is defined as where the land meets the sea. A precise line that can be called a coastline cannot be determined due to the dynamic nature of tides. from Wikipedia
  • Raftsundet Raftsundet
  • Boëdic Island, Morbihan Boëdic Island, Morbihan
  • Pen-Hir Cape, Brittany Pen-Hir Cape, Brittany
  • Brezellec Cape Brezellec Cape
  • Bonifacio Bonifacio
  • Biarritz Biarritz
  • Sanguinaires Islands Sanguinaires Islands
  • Cliffs of Moher Cliffs of Moher
  • Lighthouse of Biarritz Lighthouse of Biarritz
  • Coastline in Biarritz, France Coastline in Biarritz, France