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Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate natural phenomena through science, philosophy, mythology and religion. from Wikipedia
  • Studio

    11 photos

    When portrait photographs are composed and captured in a studio, the professional photographer has control over the lighting of the composition of the subject and can adjust direction and intensity. from Wikipedia. Photos by Bernard Le Gall

  • Family

    15 photos

    A family is a group of people who share a close relationship. A family is traditionally composed of a mated couple and their children in co-residence. Families create generations from Wikipedia.

  • Streetview

    9 photos

    Here you will find street views from various places in the world: from Rajasthan in India, to Auckland in New-Zealand, including New-York City in USA and Budapest in Hungary.

  • Sport

    8 photos

    Let's practice a bit of ice skate, snowboard and snowmobile. Oh.. maybe you don't like winter! Then try rugby, skateboard or kitesurf!